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    I would join Jamie (if I am in the UK)! ✨
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    Steven Tytgat posted the thread Events in Benelux Community.
    The events tab Is really helpfull. You talk to someone and can immediately answer when the next event is and block their calendar.
  • René
    René replied to the thread Stell' Dich hier vor!.
    Hallo, dann stelle ich mich auch mal vor: 1. Ich heiße René Claus und wohne in schönen und von Kohle geprägte Stadt Gelsenkirchen im...
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    Hi all, My name is Pierre Kleine Schaars but just call me Pierre the chair while I am the chair of the Benelux Cyber Security Commitee...
  • HollieWhittles
    HollieWhittles replied to the thread Anybody at YEPM?.
    Just had a great ice breaker!
  • L
    Hey everyone If you’re at YEPM and would like to join the ice breaker session happening now until 12 noon then please call either...
  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross replied to the thread Introduce yourself here!.
    hey @Ray Adams thanks for popping in and introducing yourself. Nice to make your acquaintance.
  • Ray Adams
    Ray Adams replied to the thread Introduce yourself here!.
    Hi, my name is Ray Adams. A native of Chicago, Illinois, and I am now in the south Florida area always on the lookout for the next...
  • Rose Stamell
    This is an interesting article to read about Singapore's approach to Cybersecurity threats. Were you involved in any of the teams in...
  • HollieWhittles
    HollieWhittles replied to the thread 2024 Community Meetings.
    I’m always going to vote for somewhere in the Midlands so Birmingham for me!
  • Rose Stamell
    Hi everyone, Attached in this post is the content from our ANZ Community meeting at the W Sydney on Oct 25th. Please post any...
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