Stell' Dich hier vor!

Hallo, dann stelle ich mich auch mal vor:
1. Ich heiße René Claus und wohne in schönen und von Kohle geprägte Stadt Gelsenkirchen im größten Ballungsgebiet Europas dem Ruhrgebiet.
2. ich bin seit über 20 Jahren in der IT und speziell Security und Managed Services haben es mir angetan. Aktuell bin ich Sales Director MSP in EMEA bei Arcserve.
3. bin immer auf der Suche nach neuem, ob technologisch oder beruflich, fahrt bin ich sehr glücklich in der IT Industrie zu sein. Meine Superkraft: Beratung und Unterstützung bei Umsetzung von Services 💪

Introduce yourself here!

Hi, my name is Ray Adams. A native of Chicago, Illinois, and I am now in the south Florida area always on the lookout for the next dolphin or manatee sighting. I became interested in CompTIA in the mid 2000's as I began campaigning for my students to pursue the A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications. As new entrants into the field, I knew these certifications in addition to the education they received would prove very beneficial.

I am currently an educator in the subject of IT with over 30 years as a professional in the IT field. With a history of field work with a large government agency in the 90's, entrepreneurial experience from the 90s through the millennium years, and academic instruction, I have seen a lot of technological change and am very excited to see how things continue to change with the intent of improving society. One thing that I have learned over the years is that with every great invention comes a new level of awareness and responsibility. Everything has both a positive and negative aspect. Especially with regard to technology, we need to be ever mindful of this fact and learn from past mistakes so that new ideas are more beneficial than harmful.

If I had to pick a superpower, I would say I have a form of "x-ray vision", where I do not simply look at things on the surface or how it may appear. I often look deeper in an effort to truly understand its purpose for being. The areas that capture my attention include cybersecurity, blockchain, and now artificial intelligence. I am so very excited to see how all these technologies reach maturity where society truly progresses forward.

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