Nichelle R Downing

Motivating a team to achieving the goal: project success, attaining the client, completion within budget.
Trouble shooting and Problem solving= over 20yrs of experience, know-how and roll up your sleeves progress.

Instructing and coaching career focused people to reach their success goals. I guide people through the maze of corporate networks, social adjustments, skill set advances and Lean In-Step Back moves that get them to where they want to be.
I am an IT Specialist with the skills and abilities to go into any corporation and reach the company's goal/mission. From installing systems, trouble-shooting a network, instructing users on new technology, preparing the company for the audit team, working on the audit team to ensure security of processes and procedures and being followed, writing reports, policies and building an infrastructure for success in any field. IT is everywhere, and I've been everywhere it touches to know what the possibilities can be.

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Denver, Colorado