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  1. Estelle Johannes

    Hey Hannah Banana! Hope you are well. Messing about with the messages. Hope you get this note.

    Hey Hannah Banana! Hope you are well. Messing about with the messages. Hope you get this note.
  2. Estelle Johannes

    Hi Valerie, testing out the direct to member messaging function. I hope you’re well and I heard...

    Hi Valerie, testing out the direct to member messaging function. I hope you’re well and I heard you had a productive call today.
  3. Estelle Johannes

    Cybersecurity, Automation, SaaS Are Key to MSP Success in 2024 and Beyond

    As we approach the close of 2023, it's surprising to see that some Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are still operating as if it's 2013. They are hesitant to embrace advancements like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cybersecurity measures, and automation processes that could significantly benefit...
  4. Estelle Johannes

    13 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2023

    13 Emerging Trends in Information Technology for 2023 Do you know which tech trends you should be looking out for in 2023? Here are the top emerging trends in information technology for 2023. Each year, fresh technological advancements surface, offering novel solutions to business obstacles...
  5. Estelle Johannes

    Did you know we have a Cyber Weekly…

    Wayne Selk, vice president, cybersecurity programs at CompTIA and executive director of the CompTIA ISAO is back to review this week's cybersecurity programs team activity for the ISAO, Trustmark, and Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Highlights for this week include the Trustmark Workshops at...
  6. Estelle Johannes

    International Women in Cyber Day

    It was officially on the 1st of September but still very applicable and necessary to share any day of the week. Working to advance & retain women in cybersecurity, International Women in Cyber Day highlights the impact of diversity within a male-dominated industry...
  7. Estelle Johannes

    Reporting incidents early can pay off.

    Australian Federal Police claw back $45m lost to BEC scammers
  8. Estelle Johannes

    Have you read CompTIA World?

    Thank you for sharing this here @Sam Ross. Great to see our Bneleux Leaders here and also there is the State of the Channel research featured in the magazine! The State of the Channel CompTIA's 2023 State of the Channel details important...
  9. Estelle Johannes

    EMEACon 2023 Sizzle Reel

    We are excited to meet up with all our amazing members in London! Thanks for sharing the video @Sam Ross.
  10. Estelle Johannes

    CompTIA Benelux Community Meeting on the 23rd of November - This event is for YOU!!

    Join Us at the CompTIA Benelux Community Meeting in Eindhoven! Eindhoven is home to the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, often referred to as "the smartest square kilometre in Europe." With over 160 companies and institutes, and some 11,000 researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs working on...
  11. Estelle Johannes

    2023 State of the Channel

    📣 Exciting News for the ANZ Community! 📣 Have you checked out the latest report on the 2023 State of the Channel by CompTIA? If not, here's why you should: This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the current trends...
  12. Estelle Johannes

    CompTIA Tech Workforce Solutions

    🛎️Year to date, CompTIA Tech Workforce Solutions has trained more than 3,000 learners through workforce programs across 16 states, Washington D.C., Canada and the United Kingdom. Learn more about how we are celebrating #WorkforceDevelopmentMonth:
  13. Estelle Johannes

    Leveraging AI and IoT: A Competitive Edge for Managed Service Providers

    In the dynamic landscape of IT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging as significant game-changers. The surge in customer inquiries and market demand for these technologies is undeniable. As Managed Service Providers (MSPs), it's crucial to stay ahead of the...
  14. Estelle Johannes

    Test post Benelx

  15. Estelle Johannes

    Mentorship Programme

    An excellent initiative that was brought up during ChannelCon, spearheaded by the CompTIA North America Community was the establishment of a mentorship program. The significance of peer-to-peer relationships cannot be overstated. Reach out to @Adam Proulx or @Kevin Liesen if you would like to...
  16. Estelle Johannes

    ChannelCon recap - DEI

    Tips on building a dynamics team - a DEI approach. My Channelcon started with an amazing panel with Dr. Georgette Fraser-Moore, Karamel McCoy Tracie Orisko & Stephanie Short. Here is the official description: In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, fostering a diverse, equitable, and...
  17. Estelle Johannes

    How To Think About ChatGPT and the New Wave of AI

    Curious about AI and ChatGPT? Dive into it with our latest blog post: "How to Think About ChatGPT and the New Wave of AI." 🚀 Discover insights that'll blow your mind and spark your AI imagination. Don't miss out, read now...
  18. Estelle Johannes

    Community for you in the Benelux region.

    Hi everyone we are excited to build the community in the Benelux region. If you have topic suggestions and any ideas to help us please feel free to share. I've attached the Benelux Community agenda so you can have a look at the agenda, or recap the Mechelen meeting experience on the 1st of...
  19. Estelle Johannes

    How do we bring Future Leaders into the Benelux Community?

    When we host the Benelux community meetings we address an array of topics - one of these topics was specifically on how we build a community for GENZ in organisations. CompTIA Resources to explore: Attracting Gen Z Employees: What Businesses Need to Know Do you have a success story to share?
  20. Estelle Johannes

    22 June UK&I Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Call

    The meeting was run by Chair by Hannah Lloyd and vice chair Ben Spector. The meeting emphasized the importance of engagement and sharing ideas, updates, and insights among the global task force leaders. Anti-trust, anti-harassment, and diversity policies were discussed, with a focus on being...